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Peritoneal dialysis

Our patient-centric peritoneal dialysis programme gives you the option of automated dialysis while you sleep (APD), or dialysis you can administer yourself (CAPD) after receiving training for safe and reliable treatment.

benefits of peritoneal dialysis

Greater independence and control

Peritoneal dialysis gives you greater flexibility and more of your own time to focus on your daily activities. It also makes it easier to plan around working or travelling.

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Why choose peritoneal dialysis?

You can lead a normal life – you have greater independence and can continue to work, travel, study and volunteer in your community.
You have much more flexibility – you can plan according to your schedule and receive treatment in the comfort of your home.
You don't need to travel to a dialysis clinic three times a week. With the right training, you can administer peritoneal dialysis by yourself and at home.

peritoneal dialysis

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Whether you are a patient, a family member or a caregiver, we work closely with you to guide you through the treatment journey – from understanding the condition, treatment options and dietary changes. Get the care and information you need by reaching out to us.