Specialised dialysis care

In-hospital dialysis

We offer a 24-hour mobile dialysis service with specialised staff on call to provide care and support. Our services include haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy, plasma filtration and blood exchange.

What is in-hospital dialysis?

In-hospital dialysis is a treatment which typically takes place under emergency circumstances and in hospitals on an in-patient basis. Under these circumstances, a clinician will prescribe dialysis in one of four primary methods, should it be required:

Acute haemodialysis

Slow continuous ultrafiltration

Sustained low-efficiency dialysis

Continuous renal replacement therapy

During your treatment
Your in-hospital dialysis treatment and care will depend on whether or not you are currently a dialysis patient.

If you are a dialysis patient

You will most likely have an existing dialysis access site. Your dialysis site will be assessed, and if it is viable, it will be used as the connection to the dialysis machine. A catheter can also be used.

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in-hospital dialysis

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