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In-centre dialysis

Our nephrologists, clinical technologists and nurses are by your side throughout your dialysis journey, and provide the best and safest treatment and compassionate care at our 71 clinics across the country.

benefits of in-centre dialysis

Everything in one place

Receiving renal care at an NRC centre not only means you get quality treatment, but you can also instantly access in-person advice and support, as well as personal information, in one place.

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Why choose in-centre dialysis?

A team of trained renal professionals are always by your side, so you don’t have to worry about administering dialysis by yourself.
Everything related to your dialysis treatment takes place at an NRC clinic, and is taken care of by nephrologists, clinical technologists and nurses.
You don’t have to retrofit your home to accommodate dialysis equipment and use up water, electricity and space for supplies.
You can work on your laptop, read a book, watch series and listen to music while staff monitor your dialysis treatment for you.

in-centre dialysis

Find a clinic near you

With over 71 dedicated dialysis units and a presence in every major metro across the country, you’re never far from the support you need.


Here to help you

Whether you are a patient, a family member or a caregiver, we work closely with you to guide you through the treatment journey – from understanding the condition, treatment options and dietary changes. Get the care and information you need by reaching out to us.