Taking action for ethical sustainability

At NRC, we pride ourselves on continuous sustainability research and practical implementation in our daily operations. This drives us to reduce our carbon footprint and to take action for the sustainability of our planet and future generations.

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Reducing waste water and our reliance on municipal water

Every successful dialysis treatment session requires a large volume of water. As much as 500L of raw water is used in one session, with less than 50% of this water treated to a level that meets our strict water policy. We launched a first-of-its-kind programme with the aim of reducing the high volume of waste water in our RO plants, and to ensure a higher percentage utilisation rate of raw product water. The implemention of new technology resulted in a decrease in the volume of water discharged, and increased product water with an annual national water saving in excess of 27 000KL. To further reduce our reliance on municipality supply and infrastructure, a borehole was installed in the Western Cape region so that clean ground water could be supplied to our RO plants. NRC will continue with this programme nationally, especially for use in our emergency centres.

Minimising the use of paper

We freed up 66 cubic metres of landfill space and saved 466 trees by reducing the use of paper and recycling in our centres, through our Zero Paper to Landfill Programme. The success of this programme over the 2022 financial year significantly minimised NRC’s carbon footprint.