Blood Tests

Everyone's blood test results are different. They are affected by three things:
• What the person eats.
• How well the person's kidneys are functioning.
• How much urine the person passes and how much waste leaves the body through the urine.


Urine Tests

There are two types of urine tests. One type requires a small amount of urine. It tells a doctor if there are blood, infection, protein, or cells in the urine. The other type requires collecting all the urine produced for a certain amount of time, usually 24 hours. This test will show how much urine your kidneys produce in one day. It also measures how much protein is passed from the kidneys into the urine in one day. Your doctor will be able to see if your protein levels are normal. Your doctor may also measure the amount of waste from muscle cells (called creatinine) or from the protein you eat (called urea) in your urine to see how well the kidneys are functioning.