Every patient has the right to:

• A healthy and safe environment.
• Access to safe healthcare.
• Emergency care in life-threatening situations.
• Confidentiality and privacy.
• Be treated with courtesy and consideration by all staff.
• Be informed about his/her illness/condition and treatment, to be in a position to give informed consent.


• Exercise choice in healthcare services.
• Participate in decision-making that affects his/her health.
• Be referred for a second opinion.
• Continuity of care.
• Complain about health services.
• Be treated by a named healthcare provider.
• Refuse treatment or information about his/her illness Every patient or client has, inter alia, the responsibility to:


• Take care of his/her health by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
• Care for and protect the environment.
• Respect the rights of other patients and health providers.
• Provide healthcare providers with relevant and accurate information for diagnostic treatment, rehabilitation or counselling purposes.

• Advise the healthcare providers on his/her wishes about to his/her death.
• Comply with the prescribed treatment or rehabilitation procedures.
• Enquire about the related costs of the treatment and/or rehabilitation and arrange for payment.


Please contact our Customer Service Call Centre if you feel your charter rights have not been met by a National Renal Care facility or staff member.