The Healthy Start Clinic is unique to National Renal Care. The primary function of this program is to educate and manage patients with early kidney disease. The aim is to ensure that the patient remains as healthy as possible and maintains a high quality of life. Preventative strategies include early detection and treatment, meticulous hypertension control, strict glycaemia control, anaemia management, and appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes. All our centres countrywide offer this program, which includes education, dietary advice, and psychosocial support.
Chronic kidney disease is a major health problem with the incidence steadily growing over the last few years. The commonest causes of kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension also are independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease.   Individuals at risk for chronic kidney disease also include family members of patients with end stage kidney disease. Family members of chronic kidney disease patients are often unaware of existing renal disease.   For people who still have some kidney function, there are many ways to keep the kidneys functioning for longer.